Robert Black Strategy Cartoonist

Through his cartoons, Robert brings a fresh perspective to strategic meetings or corporate communications. Robert’s diverse experience and interests combine with a well-developed sense of humour to create a unique and memorable view of the world.

  What is strategic cartooning?

Robert attends strategic workshops to produce cartoons that aid group conversation, often in conjunction with other meeting facilitators.

Strategic Cartooning uses drawing and visual metaphor as a business tool to assist companies with their strategic thinking, helping management groups to see problems from a new visual perspective, often with a good dash of humour.

Cartoons are also a great way to encourage group conversations around difficult topics. People can struggle to remember presentation bullet points, and yet vividly describe the metaphors of a humourous cartoon weeks later.

Robert also draws cartoons on commission, both individually and in series. Typical uses for this are management books, company safety campaigns, websites, presentations, and manuals.

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  About Robert

Robert Black


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As well as being a cartoonist, Robert has worked as a senior graphic designer for almost 20 years at his award-winning design studio ThereFor. He has also worked in the fields of web development, software programming, and workflow automation. With a personal interest in engineering, entrepreneurship, and strategic thinking, Robert has been an active participant in design industry bodies and has held various positions on State and national committees of the Australian Graphic Design Association. Robert is also a professional member of the Australian Cartoonists Association.  [more about Robert]


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  My cartooning journal

When I tell people I work as a Strategy Cartoonist, sometimes the
easiest way to explain it is to give some examples of what I do...

March 2015

The Age, the weird and the truly wonderful

In December I had a chance few in my industry get – to draw a cartoon for Australia’s pre-eminent daily newspaper, The Age. It came about because one of the paper’s most respected cartoonists had taken up my cause, championing my work to the editors. With things quiet over Christmas, my opportunity came – would I like to illustrate a Sunday column by one of the paper’s stalwarts, John Elder? Umm… Yes! My simple brief was to illustrate a column still being written, that would pivot around 5 odd stories that had been in the media that year… A woman was thrown off a commercial flight with her emotional support pig A dwarf stripper got a bride-to-be pregnant on her hen's night A groom was arrested at his own wedding after getting ‘handsy’ with a waitress A woman drove 500 miles to bury her deep-frozen dead cat in a pet cemetery Three male prostitutes hanging out in a hot tub were arrested when they got into an all out brawl over who was the highest paid I had two days to turn it around, and they expected some sort of montage – after all, how could such disparate stories fit into one image? But it occurred to me that there was one place they might all cross paths in their stories: a hotel lobby. So that’s what I drew, from the kitchen table of our rented holiday house on Christmas night. It got a big thumbs up from the editor and writer, and went to press as-is. Here’s the image that appeared on page 4 of the Sunday Age, 28 December 2014… They even used it as the poster outside newsagents around Melbourne. You can read the full article here. [continue]
April 2014

Moving Pictures

After being asked for the 100th time by clients if we offered animated videos of our cartoons, Jock and I decided to try our hand at producing one. That brought in some orders, and we've since done a bunch of them. … [continue]
March 2014

Mensa Journal Cover

My cartoon is on the cover of Mensa Australia's journal, just out — the theme of the issue is humour. There's also a full page article inside about my work as a strategy cartoonist … [continue]
July 2013

Hypothetical Customer Contact

A week ago I completed work on a series of eight large posters that mapped out customer contact and interaction paths for another major energy sector company. While I normally do workshop cartoons in person, these were different … [continue]
May 2013

The AGE and my newspaper cartoons

It's not quite Strategy or Corporate, but there's a nice newspaper article about me in the Melbourne AGE and the Sydney Morning Herald, about how I use an iPad to draw cartoons for my series in the Warrandyte Diary newspaper … [continue]
May 2013

Cartoons for consultancy website

I'm just wrapping up a project doing a series of cartoons for the website of a boutique consulting company in Western Australia. They've got a very nice website, but they felt that it was just a bit text heavy … [continue]
December 2012

Partnership workshops

I've just helped out at 2 one-day workshops for the Australian division of a major international energy company. Run by a consultant who specialises in relationship management between companies in strategic alliances … [continue]
October 2012

Mining illustrations

I've just completed a huge project for one of my major mining clients. Eighteen posters and over a hundred drawings using cartoon characters to explain some highly technical details … [continue]
August 2012

Safety handbook

I've just done a series of cartoons for an Australian mining company's safety handbook. They already have an amazing safety procedure manual as thick as a phone book, to appease the lawyers and regulators, but … [continue]
July 2012

Contamination awareness

I've just completed a commissioned series of cartoons and a logo for a contamination prevention awareness campaign. A large Australian company has realised after doing a little research that it can save tens of millions … [continue]

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