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Through his cartoons, Robert Black brings a fresh perspective to strategic meetings or corporate communications. His diverse experience and interests combine with a well-developed sense of humour to create a unique and memorable view of the world.

  Coronavirus update — December 2021:
I have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and am based out of Melbourne, so for now I have to apply for Travel Permits to attend events outside Victoria, subject to travel restrictions (current travel updates). I am however available to attend workshops or events within Victoria that comply with business and industry restrictions, or by video.

  Journey Maps

Journey Map example

Robert’s journey maps have been very popular with companies and teams with dozens commissioned. Learn more and see examples on the Journey Maps page.

  Corporate Videos

Robert also makes corporate ‘drawn’ videos, which explain the why behind complex issues. Here’s a video completed for the Australian Energy Market Operator…

To learn more about how his corporate videos help groups articulate abstract or complex ideas in a highly approachable and engaging format, visit the Drawn Videos page.

  Companies who’ve used Robert’s work


  What is strategic cartooning?

Robert attends strategy workshops to produce cartoons that aid group conversation, often in conjunction with other meeting facilitators.

Strategic Cartooning uses drawing and visual metaphor as a business tool to assist companies with their strategic thinking, helping management groups to see problems from a new visual perspective, often with a good dash of humour.

Cartoons are also a great way to encourage group conversations around difficult topics. People can struggle to remember presentation bullet points, and yet vividly describe the metaphors of a humorous cartoon weeks later.

Robert also draws cartoons on commission, both individually and in series. Typical uses for this are management books, company safety campaigns, websites, presentations, manuals and videos.

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  About Robert

Robert Black


Contact Robert on

As well as being a cartoonist, Robert worked as a senior graphic designer for 20 years at his award-winning design studio, ThereFor.

He has also worked in the fields of web development, software programming, and workflow automation. With a personal interest in engineering, entrepreneurship, and strategic thinking, Robert has been an active participant in design industry bodies and has held various positions on State and national committees of the Australian Graphic Design Association.

Robert is also a professional member of both the Australian Cartoonists Association and the National Cartoonists Society of North America.


  My cartooning journal

When I tell people I work as a Strategy Cartoonist, sometimes the easiest way to explain it is to give some examples of what I do...

AEMO Video  

August 2016
AEMO Video thumbnail
Jock and I have been doing a lot of videos in the last month or two, for the Victorian Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Lake Macquarie City, Manningham City, etc. This is one of two we’ve done for the Australian Energy Market …

COP21 Paris  

February 2016
COP21 Paris thumbnail
In November and December I was commissioned to draw cartoons for the European Climate Foundation …

Finalist at the 2015 Stanleys!  

November 2015
Finalist at the 2015 Stanleys! thumbnail
The national Australian cartoonist awards, The Stanleys, were held last night, and I’m thrilled to say I was one of a handful of nominees for the coveted Stanley Award for Best Australian Gag Cartoonist …

Theatre Posters for God of Carnage  

October 2015
Theatre Posters for God of Carnage thumbnail
Occasionally I get to design posters for the theatre, which is always a treat. I’m particularly fond of my latest design for the stage play “God of Carnage” …

The Age, the weird and the truly wonderful  

March 2015
The Age, the weird and the truly wonderful thumbnail
In December I had a chance few in my industry get – to draw a cartoon for Australia’s pre-eminent daily newspaper, The Age …

Moving Pictures  

April 2014
Moving Pictures thumbnail
After being asked for the 100th time by clients if we offered animated videos of our cartoons, Jock and I decided to try our hand at producing one. That brought in some orders, and we’ve since done a bunch of them …

Mensa Journal Cover  

March 2014
Mensa Journal Cover thumbnail
My cartoon is on the cover of Mensa Australia's journal, just out — the theme of the issue is humour. There's also a full page article inside about my work as a strategy cartoonist …

Hypothetical Customer Contact  

July 2013
Hypothetical Customer Contact thumbnail
A week ago I completed work on a series of eight large posters that mapped out customer contact and interaction paths for another major energy sector company. While I normally do workshop cartoons in person, these were different …

The AGE and my newspaper cartoons  

May 2013
The AGE and my newspaper cartoons thumbnail
It’s not quite Strategy or Corporate, but there’s a nice newspaper article about me in the Melbourne AGE and the Sydney Morning Herald, about how I use an iPad to draw cartoons for my series in the Warrandyte Diary newspaper …

Cartoons for consultancy website  

May 2013
Cartoons for consultancy website thumbnail
I’m just wrapping up a project doing a series of cartoons for the website of a boutique consulting company in Western Australia. They’ve got a very nice website, but they felt that it was just a bit text heavy …

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