Hypothetical Customer Contact

A week ago I completed work on a series of eight large posters that mapped out customer contact and interaction paths for another major energy sector company. While I normally do workshop cartoons in person, these were different — they were produced in advance of the workshop, scripted, and highly produced.

The international consulting firm that brought me on board used the drawings as the centrepiece of a 5 hour workshop which brainstormed hypothetical customer interactions and ways to improve them. The drawings were digitally printed as posters one metre high by 4 metres long.

Word has since come back that the workshop, and the posters integral to it, were a huge success…

"Today we had a 5 hour workshop with over 20 client team participants, with most of the time spent on the cartoons. They enabled us to have structured and energised conversations on important elements of the new propositions. It worked really well and the clients enjoyed this ‘different’ way of workshopping. Feedback was very positive. … this really provides us with an added value"

Customer 1