The Bird 

Caption: I was about to say let's go find a bigger castle to raid, but now...

Sinking Feeling 

The Sculpture 

Caption: Okay... who's the joker that removed the plaque?


Caption: Accusations of bullying are a serious matter, but you're excellent players, so ...  I want you boys to shake Hans.


Caption: The sudden death of their cheerful cleaning lady left an unexpected vacuum in William and Camilla's life.

4 Days Later 

Caption: No, not again!  This damn compass is useless –  we're just going in circles.

Hand Washer 

Gordon, the serial killer with OCD, washes his hands compulsively...

Frozen Dinner 

Caption: What's for dinner? I thought I'd thaw a puddy tat.

Psychological Warfare 

Caption: I know you think it's funny Walter, but anthropomorphising the house really rattles mother when she comes to stay.

Now we wait 

Caption: And now we wait ...   it'll be a day or two before they discover there are no power outlets.

Too Small 

Caption: It could be a terrorist camp or a village.  The picture's too small to tell — can you blow it up for me?


Caption: Andy loved killing-time with the ants.

Face Hugger 

Caption: The manual button to drop oxygen masks was removed in 1979, after cabin crews kept pressing it during in-flight screenings of Alien.

The Insomniac 

Caption: Let's see what we can do for your insomnia — you are feeling sleepy... very sleepy ... you are falling into a deep sleep ... falling ... falling ...


Caption: What's that you say?   Stan peed where?

The Joyride 

Caption: The joyride ended badly, especially for Daisy.

Hand Picked 

A work-man holding a pick in one hand, feels the helmet on his head with the other hand - there's a second helmet impaled on the end of the pick. Behind him, just visible, is someone's leg.

Navel Warfare 

Caption: The British and French spent quite a bit of the 17th century engaged in navel warfare


Caption: Oh Wow! ... I've never thought of myself as exotic before!


Caption: Jeb made his daring escape from the sheriff on foot...


Caption: Please tidy up while I'm away James.

The Survivor 

Caption: He moved. I saw him move — he's alive! Hang on mister... we're coming down to get you!


Caption: I have no idea what's inside, but the instructions on the box  say to give it a big shake before opening.


Caption: Everyone kind of forgot about the planes after Larry started making aeroplane noises under his breath again.

Open Wide 

Caption: Well heck... this one's fine too!   By the way, did I mention how much we all 'enjoyed' that last cartoon you did about dentists?


Caption: It's been arranged to look like he slipped on the abacus. But I tell you Johnson – it doesn't add up...


Sitting there, Jim couldn't help feeling a little remote...

Table Tennis 

Caption: Extreme Sports #5 – Table Tennis

All But Cured 

Caption: I'm dusting off my bowling ball tonight guys! Doc said I should try leaving the house now my spider phobia's all but cured.

Red Meat 

Caption: Advised to cut her red meat consumption, Gnash decided she'd take it one knight at a time.

The Cure 

Caption: A morbid fear of sharp objects? Oh, that's easy to fix! All you need is an injection of this ... in both eyes.

The extra mile 

Caption: You know... Sid really goes the extra mile to make this Hell.

Captain Merkin 

Caption: Let's test the resilience of Captain Merkin's comb-over...

Talent Quest 

Caption: We're on next.  I've got butterflies in my stomach! Oh wait...  that's just my maggots wriggling.


Caption: What an amazing fusion of Installation and Op art... in the middle of nowhere!


Caption: Sometimes, 'All you can eat' is a double-edged sword.


Caption: People who live in glass houses, shouldn't mow stones.


Caption: Why'd the kids make this lid from a blackboard?  Oh!


Caption: Frank loved running his fingers through Beth's wild hair.

The Red X 

Caption: Hand me the shovel ... his treasure's behind this red X!


Caption: The bare-backed  bear-back  bareback riders of the West.

Do Your Best? 

Caption: Decoys.  The enemy is proving very violent and ruthless, so our king commands you to join us in battle!


Caption: Ted, the arsonist with OCD, kept returning to make sure he'd left the iron on.

En Route 

Caption: Damn it ... what have you guys done with my banana?

Hide and Seek 

Caption:  ... 13 ... 14 ... 15  ...  and this time, could you at least  try to make an effort to hide? ... 16 ... 17 ...

No Can Do 

Caption: Nobody must ever learn that we forgot to bring a can opener.

Eye Contact 

So that the women at work wouldn't think he was 'weird', Roger painted eyes on his VR goggles...

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