Feedback from… The Sharp End

Every now and then people randomly send me nice feedback about The Sharp End. Here’s a sampling from the last year or two…

What a rich and twisted imagination you have. You've made my day/week/year!

— Marjorie S

I won't lie I can't remember when I followed your news letter but I'm kinda stoned and that cartoon with the anchor made laugh.

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— Jake

I love these!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

— Tanya T

Awesome comic! Keep up the great work man!

— Nicholas C

The cartoon this week was one of my favorites so far. A real Laugh Out Loud.

— Carolyn H

Love it! I think Sid is my boss. Thank you for my Monday laugh. 

— Sharon B

You're coming up with some good ones.   You brain is slightly warped and I like it.    Keep up the good work.

— Mark H

Had to think about that one!!!! Love it

— Martin R

Good one ! They are all good ones!

— Dave P

Creative  toons.  Enjoy them.

— John L

Definitely a good chuckle.  Thanks!

— Sarah B

hey black,still luv ur stuff, i keep seein ur art on forwards from friends so its gettin out there. keep it up.

— Doc

I love your gently twisted work.

— Jennifer B

I liked them both but I especially liked the one about Shaking Hans. That one made me laugh out loud.

— Carolyn H

You have outdone yourself.  That is HILARIOUS.

— Mark H

Love your work, Thanks for brightening my life.

— Bob K

Makes my day thanks

— Bill L

Haha love it!

— Alan L

I really enjoy these. My 8 year old grandson is developing a darkly humorous mindset and I can't wait to show him some of these.

— Rob B

I subscribe to gocomics. On the weekend I read a lot of them, but you're better, by a country mile!

— Lenny B

Been enjoying your cartoons for a while now. Today's cracked me up.

— Carolyn H

This is one of those things that I could always read, I really enjoy these one paneled comics, keep up the good work! 

— Ronin

Just seeing that I've got a new Sharp End cartoon in my inbox brightens my day.

— Lenny E

You are the best cartoonist since Schulz.  Have a great Christmas.

— Dan H

I was just going through the Konami code websites and I found this! This is amazing and extremely funny! Great job!

— Sky

Made me laugh out loud, really, so thanks a bunch.

— Patricia M

Great cartoons. Very 'Far Side" somewhat more sick and all the funnier for it, thanks.

— Antony N

Absolutely Brilliant - my kind of humour! Well done!!

— Andy Y

My type of humor!

— Bruce

And stuck to my fridge door is…

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