Drawn Videos

by Robert Black and Jock

As a business tool, drawn videos help groups articulate abstract or complex ideas in a highly approachable and engaging format.

We aim to please

Robert and Jock’s videos are a premium end-to-end service for winning hearts and minds — the result is always an engaging video that explains the emotional ‘why’ behind complicated projects or engagement initiatives.

End-to-end — includes developing the concept and story, writing the script, drawing artwork, filming, editing and voiceover.


Dozens of major companies and organisations have commissioned our videos. Here are a few…

  • Aboriginal Victoria  ⨉ 2
  • AEMO  ⨉ 2
  • BHP
  • DELWP  ⨉ 3
  • HealthShare Victoria  ⨉ 2
  • Lake Macquarie City  ⨉ 2
  • Magistrates’ Court of Vic  ⨉ 2
  • Manningham City  ⨉ 3
  • Melbourne City  ⨉ 4
  • Newcrest Mining  ⨉ 10
  • Snowy Hydro  ⨉ 3


  Where to start?

The first step is to make contact to check availability, ask questions, and tell Robert about your need for a drawn video …    click here to email




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